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07 February 2019


Harley-Davidson®Among the avalanche of cool new bike announcements coming out of Milwaukee the last couple of days, there were also those necessary but not necessarily sexy accessories and add-ons that help flesh out your bike, your ride, and your riding experience.


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One of those accessories is the new FXRG Collection, which Harley says it has designed for both touring and urban riding environments. The Motor Company is touting this latest iteration of the respected FXRG apparel line as a “riding system with a combination of road-tested designs for customizable head-to-toe comfort and versatility in any riding environment.”

FXRG Collection jacket

The new FXRG Collection targets both touring and urban riders with modern designs featuring high-tech and highly weather-resistant materials.


As you’d expect, the touring section of the collection uses innovative technologies and materials, including a moisture-wicking Coolcore lining and stretch Cordura panels for better fit and comfort. The new FXRG Triple Vent System Waterproof Jackets for men and women come in either leather or textile versions and are designed to bring riders year-round comfort in a wide range of conditions. You can pair the jackets with new FXRG Waterproof Overpants for head-to-toe weather protection. And the new FXRG Collection even includes base layers and an insulated mid-layer made specifically for motorcycling because we all know that touring riders live by the ability to layer up or down in order to manage the elements. I know I do.

Harley-Davidson FXRG collection jacket

The new jackets bring in updated style, better comfort, and added protection. You can pair the tops with weatherproof bottoms or jeans too.


There are also FXRG designs for more urban pursuits, which means riding gear that is built to offer protection, comfort,and mobility. The new FXRG Gratify Slim-Fit Leather Jacket and Men’s FXRG Slim-Fit Riding Jackets go for a popular contemporary style, but with real coverage and features that enhance comfort, like a moisture-wicking Coolcore lining, power-stretch materials for a better fit, lightweight CE-certified removable body armor, and engineered perforations to help release body heat. Riders can match these jackets with the new abrasion-resistant FXRG Armalith Denim riding jeans, which offer more durability than standard cotton jeans.

FXRG Collection

The FXRG Collection features jackets, helmets, gloves, and more.


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